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The Amazing 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Now who doesn't love pizza?

But bad home made pizza is one of life's most disappointing moments. You set out to create a pizza that would make Papa John slap his mother, Make the Hut set on fire and Domino's draw a double six, but inevitably, it turns out as a thick doughy mess of burnt cheese and wet raw toppings when cooked at home.

I've been trying to make decent home made pizza for years and until recently it's been universally disappointing. Unless you have access to great pre-made dough, a wood burning pizza often and an uncle from Italy to toss it for you, it's a mission. You spend hours making the dough, wrecking the kitchen and spending a fortune on ingredients only to have a lackluster offering which makes your guests stop off on the way home to get a slice of the real thing.

Well Baddabing! I think I've found a solution!

This 2 ingredient dough makes the easiest and most consistent base for your pizza and with a few tips and tricks, anyone can turn out a reasonable pie (why do they call pizza a pie?) in half the time with twice the results.

One of the ingredients is not what you'd expect but stay with me here because it works;


Equal parts of Self Raising Flour & Greek Yogurt (I told you it wasn't what you'd expect)

500 Grams of each makes 2 decent size thin pizzas (around 12-14 inches)


First, switch the oven on. They say the higher the better for pizza, especially if you like it crispy. I like some flex in my pizza and I like my cheese to be oozy not crispy so I go for 180c / 350f but if you like it crunchy, 200c / 400f would work better

Couldn't be simpler, just mix the two ingredients until the dough holds together. It may still be a little wet so add flour to your surface and knead until it's manageable and not sticking to your fingers. Be careful not to use too much extra flour or the pizza will be too dense and dry. I use a food processor with a dough hook on it (but I am lazy) and switch it off as soon as the dough is fully released from the bowl and stuck around the hook.

Once you have a usable dough, cut into 2 and press, toss or roll the dough into a pizza. This will purely be down to your skill (there are good pizza tossing videos on YouTube). If you're a complete novice, save your embarrassment and use a rolling pin or push it into a baking tray with your fingers (remember, it doesn't have to be round). Try to get it as thin as you can without it tearing once you put the ingredients on. Transfer the dough to an oiled pizza pan, pizza peel, pizza stone or simply a baking tray before you add any toppings. Once you get the toppings on, this puppy is going to be tough to move so if it can be transferred straight to the oven once you're ready, you'll be in good shape.

For a tomato base I simply use tomato puree / tomato paste and a little garlic salt, olive oil and dried oregano or simply tomato pasta sauce but if you want to go traditional and make an authentic pizza sauce, have it at it brother. Spread it around thinly on the pizza but don't go right to the edge leave a little edge for the crust aka pizza handle.

Add a light layer of mozzarella and then your ingredients of choice. Add a further covering of mozzarella and you're good to go.

Whack it in the oven for about 10 minutes but keep an eye on it. 2 minutes over can be the difference between good and bad pizza. If you didn't go overboard on the toppings, once the cheese is bubbling or startling to brown, it's done.

Remove it from the oven and behold its crispy pizza shop style beauty for a moment before serving.

The all important secrets to success and top tips

When rolling your dough to it's final shape, if you have semolina or polenta in the house, throw this down on your surface so it sticks to the bottom of the dough, this will give you a nice crunchy base without the need for over cooking.

As tempting as it might be to pile on the cheese and meats, don't go crazy, it will take so long to cook, your base will be burnt or your toppings will be raw. You won't know this until it's too late. You'd be surprised how little ingredients are required for a pizza (that's why there are so many pizza shops, they make great money through low food cost).

As much as we all love a good strong cheddar, for pizza, mozzarella has to be the main cheese as it's stringy, made to melt and easy to bite through. If you're adding cheddar or other cheese, use about 3 parts mozzarella and one part other cheese, you'll thank me for it.

If you're using meats like bacon, sausage or ground beef on your pizza, they need pre-cooking. Pizza's cook fast and you don't want it spoiled by gagging on a piece of raw bacon. Salami, ham and pepperoni are all pre-cured and ready to eat so can be just whacked on.

It's worth picking up a cheap pizza pan, I have non-stick metal ones with holes in the bottom which make the whole process simple and fool proof. you can pick them up for peanuts. Moving an uncooked loaded pizza is tempting disaster.

When using fruit and veg like pineapple or tomato slices, dry them out a little on a paper towel before putting them on the pizza, or during cooking, they're going to release all their liquid and give you a soggy base and make the whole topping slide off  when you try and bite it, or worst still, leave molten cheese stuck to the roof of your mouth!

If you want to add herbs like Basil leaves, Rocket or Spinach, do it as soon as you take the pizza out. If you cook it with them on, you'l get a burnt acrid taste on your pizza. Oregano and Basil are the best dried herbs for pizza, just go light, dried herbs are stronger then fresh.Don't forget a quick twist of salt and pepper before you put it in the oven, go easy on the salt though, cheese really accentuates the flavour of salt

If you're not using any oily meat like pepperoni or salami and only using mozzarella, a light drizzle of olive oil on your pizza before cooking works well. Be sparing though or it'll be like eating an oil slick.

Try something new, my favourite combinations are:

Pepperoni, Pineapple and Garlic

Chicken, Mushroom, Onion and BBQ sauce

Gorgonzola, Pear and Parmesan

Did you know, one of the most popular pizzas in South Africa is Banana, Chutney & Bacon. Weird, but worth a try, it's better than you'd think.

Stick with these tips and tricks and you will be turning out quality pizzas time after time in literally minutes. This 2 ingredient dough has made making pizza a quick, easy and cheap crowd pleaser that will have them thinking you were born and bred in Napoli.


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